Wayne Long has been in the building industry since 1966 when he joined the U.S. Navy as a SeaBee. His experience and quality of work has shown in every job he does.

"I like shopping with Bronson Lumber Co. because of the good service, knowledgable staff and because they are so dependable. I rely on Bronson Lumber Co. for all of my construction and remodling needs. They have advertizing opportunities that cater to my individual needs, and target my preferred clientel. They stock top quality building materials, they provide unmatched service without exception, but most importantly I feel like they care about me no matter if I'm building a set of stairs, or a house. Bronson Lumber Co. is true to their word, and I can always depend on them to help my business."

Bronson Lumber Co. continues to provide quality service and quality products to professionals like Wayne Long.