Custom Builders

Steve Grant, along with his sons, Joaquin and Jack have been loyal customers of Bronson Lumber Co. for many years. They specialize in custom homes and take great pride in the exceptional job they do. JLG Construction chooses Bronson Lumber Co. for all of their material and service needs.

"Our customers expect the highest quality of products and service from every facet of my team. That is why we use only Bronson Lumber Co. We've been loyal customers and have always been pleased with the service and quality of everything I buy from them. If I need something in a hurry, they are always quick to get it to me to make sure I get the job done. They provide a lot of services that I do not use, but i'm a little on the old fashioned side of things. I'm sure those services are a huge help to some contractors and their business. As for me, they provide the most important things I can ask for; dependability, service, and fair pricing."

Because of companies like JLG Construction, Bronson Lumber continues to operate and build relationships with other contractors and custom builders.