About Us

The Bronson Lumber Co. is dedicated to serving the needs of professionals and homeowners alike. Since Bronson Lumber was founded in 1964, our mission has been to provide exceptional service to our customers and that's why we are still operating today.

In 1981 our owner, Mace Cadwell, bought The Bronson Lumber Co. at the age of 21. At that time there was just one lumber yard. Mace has built the company into what it is today, the preferred supplier of building materials in the area.

In January 2008 the entire roof blew off the LaGrande Store in a wind storm, then was replaced and later that year in September an even bigger tragedy struck and the same store caught fire and was burned to the ground. But there has always been an unparralleled attitude and drive in the hearts of the people Bronson Lumber is made of. And so two days later, the store was up and running in a temporary building and construction soon began on a new retail store.

The drive that caused the new store to open in just over four months is the same drive that provides our customers with the service they deserve. Bronson Lumber Co. has been serving customers for 45 years, and will continue the same service for years to come.